Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Last year's flower garden

Since I can't get much of a start with this year's garden, I thought I'd share some pictures of last year's flowers.

Miniature Parade Rose: Can't say this little guy did a while lot. There was only the one bloom you see, and it promptly died after it finished flowering.

My zinnias turned out beautiful and attracted lots of butterflies. They also grew to about five and a half feet tall! They also ended up with powdery mildew all over the stems and leaves.

The hosta put out some lovely purple blooms. I might have to plant more of these. They really liked my north facing wall.

 This dahlia grew to huge proportions. The flower was 6-8 inches across! Very pretty, but not all of the bulbs I planted sprouted (only two of the nine!).

Ok, so these aren't of flowers, but this is my garden "helper" Seger (yes, he is named for Bob). First seen helping me check over the flower beds and then napping in the sun after a hard day's "work."

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