Monday, May 25, 2015

Gardening After Graduation

School is out (I officially graduated with my masters degree...woohoo!) and I've actually gotten to do a fair amount of work in the garden this past week or so. The well-meaning schedule from my last post did help some, but I had no idea just how crazy my last semester would be. With a graduate recital, a lead role in the opera, a recital with the piano trio ensemble, papers, and auditions, I didn't have much time for gardening, and many of the seeds that I did start died from neglect.

In spite of that, my garden is actually doing quite well. I ended up purchasing some tomato starts since every one of my tomato seedlings died, as well as a few basil and Rosemary plants. Some seeds I sowed directly, and those have mostly thrived...due to a rainy spring, not to any attention I from me!

I did manage to get the new in-ground garden tilled, and the soil amended with organic fertilizer and compost. Regardless of whether it's from my efforts or because of some native grow juice, the plants in the new garden are doing really well.

I'll try to post some pictures in the next couple of days (the current state of raininess doesn't lend itself to great pictures). I just got all of my beans and okra planted yesterday, so hopefully I'll be seeing some sprouts soon!