Saturday, October 13, 2012

Changing the Furnace Filter

Oh the small joys of being a home owner...keeping up with all these small tasks that must be done on a regular/quasi regular basis. Exhibit A: Changing the furnace filter.

I have to admit from the get go that I failed to take any pictures in this process, but furnace filters are not the most interesting things. This post is more to remind myself that in three months, I need to do it again!

My understanding of furnace filters is that they are supposed to be changed every three months or so, so I didn't worry about it when we first moved into the house. Since it's been getting cooler here, I decided to check on it before we needed the heat. Let's just say that whoever replaced the furnace filter last got one that was supposed to be changed every 30 days. Let's ponder that for a moment. We've been living here for nearly four months now....gross. Makes me really glad I didn't take a picture. How embarrassing! No wonder my allergies have been so bad...

I did purchase a nicer filter this time that is supposed to last for three months. And I washed my hands thoroughly when I was finished.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Bringing in the Bounty

Before I get into the title topic, I thought I'd share this picture, taken about 7 o'clock this morning. I love foggy mornings!

So onto the topic at hand....this is what I pulled out of the garden this morning.

Yes....that colander is as wide as my kitchen sink. There actually are also some jalapenos and bell peppers under all those green beans. Oh, and then there was the turnip that's the size of my hand.

Granted, I have small hands, but that's a pretty big turnip!

So, anyone have some good recipes that use lots of green beans? I've actually already frozen about a half gallon of them so far!

Monday, October 1, 2012

More Fall Plantings

The rest of my fall planting order has arrived! Woo hoo! Here's what I've got:

Moon River Peony
California Hard Neck Garlic
Naturalizing Daffodils
Apricot Beauty Tulips

With that, and the fall season, comes some to-do's:
  1. Find spots for and plant my new goodies!
  2. Plant bulbs given to me by my voice teacher and his wife (I have a giant tray full of bulbs! Mostly daffodil...they think)
  3. Plant more green onions, lettuce and mustard greens
  4. Clean out pots. I have some iris and daylilies in containers from the apartment that I have been waiting to plant in the ground. Others are just past their prime and are looking scraggly or need to be brought inside before it gets too cold.
  5. Stir compost and add leaves as they fall and are raked up
What does your fall clean-up/to-do list look like?