Saturday, February 18, 2012

Bermuda Grass in the Vegetable Beds

Last summer, I had some serious problems with Bermuda grass getting into my vegetable beds (mostly just in one, but it definitely made its way into both). It seemed like to matter how much I pulled (and I would pull until my hands were red and full of blisters), I still had beds full of bermuda the point it was killing off my vegetables.

Using weed killer in my vegetable beds seemed like a bad idea, and I eventually ended up giving up on trying to get the horrible stuff completely out of my beds....I contented myself with just keeping them from completely taking over.

Well last week, a friend suggested I take a hoe to it. I'm not sure how well this would work if you had lots of plants around that you wanted to keep, but today, I waged war on that Bermuda grass. I chopped and pulled and chopped and pulled....I dug up the entire raised bed! The bad news is I'm going to be really sore tomorrow from all the chopping and pulling, but the good news is that I think (hope) that I've gotten the grass out of my vegetable bed.

The other good thing about it? My soil is now turned, fluffy and ready for planting!

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