Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bring me a shrubbery!!

Ok, maybe the title is a little cheesy (as are most Monty Python references), but it's relevant! Something I didn't do well last year is establish the "bones" or foundation of my flower beds. This is the concept of establishing larger, permanent fixtures such as trees and shrubs in a bed before adding smaller stuff.

I've been thinking about this all winter. Originally I thought I might plant something that would flower, but still be evergreen, like a gardenia. I considered the amount of light those beds get (morning sun, and into the afternoon during the summer, but it's a north facing wall), the soil, and finally decided to add a couple of small boxwoods to my flower beds.

These will be the foundation (along with the ornamental grass that was already there) around which I will plant smaller flowers and maybe some herbs this year.

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