Saturday, January 19, 2013

Console Possibility?

Sometimes you just have to try something on for size. I'm finding this holds true to things that go in your home as well as for clothing. I saw a red console table the other day while I was wandering through Home Goods. I was so enchanted with it I decided to bring it home, knowing that if it didn't look right by the front door, I could return it.

Charming, yes? I love the shape, but felt like I wanted it to be a little bit wider and beefier to fit the space. I also think it would look better as stained wood instead of painted.

For comparison sake, here is the wood table I already had.


Slightly more substantial looking, though it's actually smaller, and lacking drawers to hold things like gloves and hats. I definitely like the warm look of the stained wood under the Dali painting though.

Oh, and you'll have to excuse the pile of stuff in the basket. The stuff inside it is headed to Goodwill soon.

For the record, I did end up returning the red table. While there were things about it that I preferred relative to what I already had, I would rather save my money for the right thing!

Have you ever gotten something home before realizing it didn't look as good as you thought?

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