Friday, February 1, 2013

Seed Order 2013

Since doing my seed inventory last week, I decided I could fill in some holes to round out my garden this year. Here's the run-down of what I ordered.

  1. Caballero Pepper - I've been wanting to try some chiles, and this is a variety of poblano.
  2. Ancho 101 Pepper - more chilis...maybe I went a little overboard? This one is supposed to be sweeter.
  3.  Watermelon (faerie hybrid) - This is a yellow-skinned, small watermelon meant for smaller gardens....hopefully that will hold true and I won't have a yard full of watermelon vines!!
  4. Tomato (Lemon tree) - from the pictures, these actually do look like lemons. Supposedly they have a lemony flavor as well.
  5. Tomato (Maskotka hybrid) - This one is a cherry tomato that is supposed to grow well in containers. These will go on the back deck.
  6. Dwarf White Sugar Peas - a bush habit pea similar to the ones I grew last year
  7. Pole Beans (Tionfo Violetto) - these guys are purple! I'm really interested to see how they taste.
  8. Cayenne Pepper - because my husband REALLY likes spicy food.
  9. Beet (Touchstone Gold hybrid) - a yellow beet.
  10. Echinacea (Purpurea, Pow Wow Wildberry) - These I will sow in the next week or so (indoors) and hopefully will have some coneflowers in my near future!
  11. Sage
  12. Lavender (Munstead) - This one is an experiment. I've heard that lavender is difficult to grow from seed, so we'll see how this goes.
  13. Feverfew - this herb is supposed to have medicinal properties regarding pain relief and fever reducing. It is also supposed to drive pests away when planted around roses. Guess where these are getting planted?
  14. Zinnia mix - I didn't plant these last year, but two years ago, the flower beds were nearly taken over by the 6 foot tall zinnias! I had cut flowers all summer long, and the more I cut, the more they grew.
  15. Marigold (Tiger Eye)
What are you planning to plant this year?

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