Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Mr. Blue Chair

All along, the hubs and I have planned to have two seating areas for the living room (one facing the TV, one not, to deal with the large, long room). However, we didn't have anything to make that second seating arrangement out of! You see, our apartment only fit one tiny loveseat, so we didn't own any chairs that weren't dining chairs.

Well, I've taken the first step.

This blue guy came from here, and while I tend to be pretty skeptical of World Market's furniture (I've had some issues in the past with things not going together the way they ought to), I convinced them to sell me the floor model so I knew exactly what I was leaving with.

Oh, and I bought it during their furniture sale, so the $330 price tag was down to $270....and the lovely people there let me use a coupon on top of the sale for an additional perk. When all was said and done, the $330 price tag had dropped to around $230. Woo hoo!

Here's a closer look...

I love how the blue color coordinates with the red stuff we have in the living room, and with the navy backs of the shelves (that I still need to finish and write a post about....consider this your sneak peak!).

And one more shot....see how there's still a ton of empty space? Mr. Blue Eyes will eventually have friends, but for now, we're content to save our pennies. In general, we would rather deal with the empty space than put a "place holder" item there. It turns out to be more expensive in the end and you end up living with something you don't really love in the mean time!

Have you been adding furniture and filling spaces in your home? What are your thoughts on "place holders"?

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