Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Blank Slate

If you were starting with a completely blank slate of a room, what would you do with it?

This is what I am trying to figure out right now. We are in the process of converting our garage to living space and the finished room will be my music room/office. It has to serve as an office space, but also as a teaching space, a rehearsal space, a practice space, a generally creative space, a study space and as a space to house guests when we have more than will fit into our guest room.

Since it is such a large space, I have no doubt that it can serve all these purposes, and from a practical standpoint, I know what needs to go into the room:

  • Desk
  • At least four armless chairs (not slipper chairs....more like dining or side chairs)
  • A sleeper sofa
  • A large bookshelf
  • Some sort of printer stand (this may be the previously mentioned bookshelf)
  • My cello stand, keyboard (hopefully a real piano eventually), and other instruments
However, from a decorating standpoint,  I'm kind of stuck. And I'm not just stuck on curtains or a desk....I don't even know what color I want to paint the walls! or the floor! I've contemplated several colors: mint green, peach, pale pink, white.....I just can't seem to decide....or find the shade that I really want.

Boo hoo....waaaahhh!!!

So who has a favorite paint color?? And, to repeat my earlier question, if you had a blank slate of a room, what would you do with it?

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