Monday, July 16, 2012

Remaking Our Firepit

I mentioned before that our firepit was a bit of a safety hazard when we moved in. The previous owner had basically piled random rocks and brick pieces in a (very large) circle and called it good. If you so much as bumped the rock border, said border went rolling away....not so great when they are heated from a fire. Here is a refresher on what it looked like.

Looks a little precarious right? Well, the hubs and I decided to fix that. Using a wheelbarrow we borrowed from some friends (thanks Pat and Jessica!), Jacob hauled off all those rocks and pieces of brick.

After that was done, off we went to Home Depot to find circular pavers. What we came up with was the pavers that are used to build retaining walls. At just under $2 per paver, we needed 16 pavers, so the total cost of this was about $30 (a small price to pay for the added safety and aesthetic appeal!). The really awesome thing: some of our wonderful friends gave us Home Depot gift cards as housewarming gifts...hooray! and thanks!!!)

After our little foray to Home Depot, my lovely (and studly) husband carted all the pavers to the firepit area while I started digging into the ash and sand that was already there to make a level and correctly sized ring for us to place the pavers. Turned out it works better to level enough space for one paver, place the paver and repeat until you have a full circle. Fortunately, it didn't take me long to figure this out.

Once we had a full ring of pavers, we created a second layer, just placing another ring of them on top of the ones that were already there...and without further ado, here is our new firepit!
Definitely need to do something with that dirt patch to make it look at little neater. I suspect the bermuda grass will take care of it for me though! 

I should mention that we have not gotten to use this puppy yet. The weekend we made it, it was 109, 105 and then 106 degrees, and Nashville was under a burn ban. That burn ban lasted for another week and it's been raining ever since (and good thing too, since it didn't rain for over a month here!). *sigh* Hopefully we'll get to use it soon!

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