Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Comedy of Errors

No, I didn't do a Shakespeare play in the backyard, but I did cut my yard for the first time this past week.

While this really shouldn't be a big deal, you have to understand that I've never so much as started a lawnmower (Dad always cut the grass growing up), so while I had a general idea of how it's done, I'd never actually cut a lawn before.

So let's get the shameful head hanging out of the lawnmower totally kicked my butt. I'm so sore today I can barely move.

Basically, the way this went, was I pushed the lawnmower outside, started it up, started pushing it across the yard......and got stuck. Picture my throwing all of my body weight against this thing trying to push it, all the while the lawnmower not budging. I'm sure the neighbors were on the floor laughing at me.

I soon remembered that when my husband had put the lawnmower together, he put the blade on the lowest setting. No wonder. My yard is pretty bumpy....I was just scraping dirt. Ok, so I'll change the blade setting. Except that involves taking the wheels off, lifting the entire lawnmower, and putting the wheels back on in the setting you want. Good thing my lawnmower isn't very heavy.

Now here's where it got really funny. My husband is REALLY can pick couches up and walk around with them strong. He had the bolts on the wheels so tight I had my entire body weight on the wrench and it wasn't moving!

Well I finally got the wheels off, back on and started mowing again....only to have one of the wheels fall off. Guess I didn't get the bolt tight enough.

FINALLY got myself together. I have to admit, I only got the front yard cut because after dealing with the whole wheels thing, I was pretty exhausted. But I know next time it will be easier!

Anyone else have some hilarious yard/garden stories? Come know you want to share!

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