Thursday, January 1, 2015

Tentative Garden Schedule

Happy New Year! I mentioned a few days ago that I was working on a schedule of garden tasks so I will be more likely to achieve said goals. I am nothing if not goal and deadline oriented.

Anyway, what follows is a TENTATIVE schedule of garden to-do's. Many of these (particularly the ones that involve some kind of construction or soil work) are weather dependent, but this at least gives some sort of structure to what might otherwise seem like an overwhelming task of getting the garden started for the year.

December 30:
*Construction - attach lattice to fence for trellis

January 1:
Plan  garden layout
Cutoff top of one barrel. Drill holes in sides and bottom to use as compost bin

January 2:
*Seed starting - lettuce, basil, perilla
Wash pots with bleach and water first

January 4:
Cut top out of other barrel, install spigot and figure out how to attach screen or landscape fabric over top to keep out leaves and bugs. Store in shed till warmer weather.

January 17-18:
*Seed starting - verbena, celery

February 7-8:
*Seed starting - scarlet poppy, jalapeƱo, bell peppers

February 21-22:
*Seed starting - tomatoes, cauliflower, Iceland poppy

March 7-8:
Till in-ground garden. Make sure to add compost and organic fertilizer!

March 9:
Amend soil in raised beds with compost and organic fertilizer 

March 11:
Attach gutter to back of shed with a downspout that will pour into the rain barrel.
Level ground under downspout and set up rain barrel on concrete blocks.

March 14-15:
*Seed starting - squash, 
*Direct sow - peas, turnips, spinach, Cleome, zinnia, cosmos, portacula, hyssop

March 28-29:
*Direct sow - Swiss chard, mustard greens, carrots,

April 4-5:
*Seed starting - 
*Direct Sow - bachelor's button, borage, beets

April 18-19:
*Direct sow- sunflower, hollyhocks, marigolds

May 2-3:
*Direct sow - pumpkin, cucumber

May 16-17:
*Direct sow - beans

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