Friday, August 3, 2012

Just Call Me Davinci, Part II

I don't think I've shared this previously, but when we moved into this place, the entire house (except the wood paneled dining room) was painted tan.

Now, I don't have anything inherently against the color tan, but there are definitely more exciting colors out there. Plus, sometimes it just doesn't fit. Case and point: our bathroom.

This is what it looked like when we moved in.

Believe it or not, I actually like the crazy-colored tile (not what I would have chosen, but it's here and I figure I might as well go with it!), but the dead-colored beige made it look a little out of place.

Not wanting to bust this lovely tile out, I started scheming what I could do to make it "fit" I thought about painting the walls a bright white, but didn't think that would make the tile look any better. Then I had the thought of finding a green that would blend with the green color in the tiles!

With that plan hatched, I went hunting for the perfect green color and (with no reference besides my memory) came up with these:

The chips on the right ended up a little too much on the blue side of things, but the ones on the left ended up being perfect.

Now, keep in mind, I wasn't trying to match the tiles exactly, and the "Greenbelt" (middle left) was the same tone, but a little lighter than the darker green, and a little darker than the lighter green. I also liked that it was a little but higher drama than the one just lighter. Here's my end result:

What do you think? BIG difference right? The tile actually looks like it belongs there now!

I'm still debating whether to paint the wood trim white. The plan is to rip out that hideous sunflower sink that takes up nearly the whole room (and makes it really difficult to get through the door) and replace it with a white pedestal sink. I'd also like to put in a light with multiple bulbs and a white, water-saving toilet. The (yellow) one that's currently here is really old and must use 10 gallons every time you flush! Lastly, we either put in a medicine cabinet, or I will paint the frame of the current mirror white (it was hanging in the living room in the old apt).

Next up? The master bedroom! Told you I've been doing a lot of painting haha.

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