Monday, May 7, 2012

Lovely Lettuce

We had some nasty weather in Nashville yesteryday. The type where the rain goes sideways and you wonder if the hail is going to leave dents on your car. The hubby and I got soaked coming out of the movie theater (we went to see The Avengers....I highly recommend it) and got home to find that it hadn't started raining at our house yet.

I had noticed that the lettuce was in need of some trimming, so before it got hailed on, I ran outside with my kitchen scissors and cut it back. I planted a "cut and come again" variety, so I will have plenty more lettuce soon. Here's what I brought in the house though.

Looks like I'll be having salad for lunch, but are there suggestions on something else I could do with this bounty? Do you do something special with your lettuce or do you just got for the tried and true salad?

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