Monday, April 30, 2012

The Beauty of Pass-Along Plants

I spent about an hour today digging up some divisions of plants in the yard of one of my music students. Sadly, her husband passed away a few weeks ago and she is moving out of their house out in the country to a smaller home that will require less maintenance, but she offered me the chance to dig up some of her iris and day lilies before she left for good.

I love pass-along plants. They keep one person's garden from becoming over crowded while giving another person an economical way of filling bare spots in their garden. They also create great memories. It's great fun to walk through a garden that has many pass-alongs and recalling who and where each plant came from.

I know this is the worst time to be transplanting iris and day lilies (right as they are blooming or are about to bloom), but here is what I came home with...

 This day lily is about to burst into bloom with orange flowers!

I also brought home some lovely white iris, so tall I had to give them help to keep them standing.

Lastly, a few purple and yellow iris.

I didn't want to take too many, since I don't yet have a yard for them, but these plants will multiply and I'll be able to pass them along as well!

Do you make a habit of giving and/or receiving pass-along plants? I feel like bulb plants are the most obvious ones to pass along, but what other kinds of plants have you done this with?

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